Bobby Jones Sr.

Executive Director

I was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois,​ ​and ​I am the youngest of 11. I moved to the bay area here in California when I was a teenager with an older sibling and his family so I could have better opportunities and to ​finish  high school. While in high school I played football for 2​ years and was then recruited to play football for Chico State. While at Chico State I obtained my ​Bachelors of Art degree in ​Sociology. It seems that I have always worked in fields where I am able to help people and I can say that I really enjoy what I do. I try to instill into my three grown children that it is all about helping one another and being the best, honest person you can be. My wife and I reside in Oroville, and I get to see a lot of the people whose lives I have come into contact with and it is very rewarding when I get to see how far some of them have come. In my spare time I have been a football and basketball coach, I enjoy anything related to music, flying my drone and helping children/young adults in any way possible.

I am committed to working ​at the AAFCC because of its mission statement and what the company stands for as a whole is something that I very much believe in. We have to uplift and help our community ​restore the values of teaching how to love yourself ​first, so​ you then will be able to love others. The programs that the AAFCC offer can help the community do those things, and being that they are all free just shows​ how much ​we here at the AAFCC are helping the community. I have seen it happen with the youth from getting better grades and attitudes changing to the adults that have come out of jail, getting jobs, having a family and becoming productive citizens in the community. I believe that giving back to not only your community but anyone you come into contact with is something that one should do as an individual but it is also something that the AAFCC does on a daily basis.


Cissy Smith
AD/MH Prevention Coordinator

A long-time resident of South Oroville, Cissy spent the majority of her life calling this community her home. While raising her family in Southside, she stayed true to her kind and caring nature always being respectful of others. Her passion for working at the African American Family & Cultural Center comes from being a community member who has wanted change for this area for years. She believe in the mission as well as the people of Southside.

Kandia Meanes
Outreach Worker
Dedicated to the uplifting of our community, Kandia is committed to investing what it takes to help develop world changers. While growing up in Riverside, CA she has always yearned for a sense of belonging and community and is thankful to have found that in Oroville. She is motivated to humanize members, cultures, and the authenticity of the African Diaspora and reclaim the beauty that is embedded in it.
Waana Thomas
Garden Caretaker
I am a mother of two and have helped raise many children. I love children. I was raised in the Oroville community and have been a part of getting the AAFCC since the beginning. It is an important part of our community. I would like to reach more of the African American Community.
Laura Ledesma 
I’m committed to working for the AAFCC because you are actively involved in the community and help people in tangible ways.  Everyone seems very friendly and genuine, it’s a really nice atmosphere.